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EmPower. Educate. Inspire.

EmPower U Health and Wellness mission statement is to provide health education to the public, medical professionals, and students to promote behavior change, healthy living, and evidence-based integrative medicine.

Our vision is a healthier, happier world full of passionate, EmPowered healthcare providers. 

Being healthy is hard! It takes courage, determination, goal-setting, and a time commitment. To truly break a habit and have lasting behavior change, you have to do something for 21 days, which in our busy lives' seems like forever. 

Once you commit to a health goal, how do you know it is even do-able, realistic, or safe? What about all of these health gurus, dietary trends, or fitness fads... how do you choose?

That is why I created EmPower U. As a primary care physician, I saw a gap in my patients ability to implement healthy lifestyle changes to meet their goals. Most people are not able to and do not want to go in and see their doctor weekly to make a dietary change, increase their strength, or ask about a supplement they would like to start.

EmPower U lives by the values, "EmPower. Educate. Inspire."


Through individualized services clients will feel EmPowered to make healthy lifestyle changes whether that is by tailored fitness plans, nutritional analysis and implementation, or telemedicine with Dr. Emma using an online portal.


Electronic health education courses allow clients to learn about health and how to make lasting lifestyle changes at their own pace. Provider based courses are also available for healthcare professionals who wish to learn how to EmPower their patients and increase compliance.


Ultimately the phrase learn it, do it, teach it applies here. Once you have become EmPowered the goal is to pass your knowledge on to others. 

EmPower U Services


Pre-created workouts, online personal training, and injury rehabilitation... we have the tools to help you reach your fitness goals!



Nutrition analysis, pre-made diet guides, nutrition optimization, and meal planning... this is a food relationship fixer in a "Instapot" package!


Health and Wellness

Join Dr. Emma online for individual  wellness consulting and telemedicine where you can get your health questions answered and your EmPower U lifestyle plan in place.


Health Education

Courses ranging from diabetes education, elimination diets, DIY herbal medicine, and more. Courses are continually added and self-paced.


Providers, residents, and medical students, check out our provider only courses on a variety of topics like herb-drug interactions, board study guides, and more.


Ask Dr. Emma

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