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Workout Templates

Need a workout now?

Choose from our pre-made workout templates tailored to specific fitness goals (i.e. weight loss, power, speed, etc.). Also, check out my line of track and field workout plans for most events!

We have workouts for all levels of fitness, so there is something for everyone!

Personal Training

Looking for a personalized workout with one-on-one support? 


After an initial online consult with Dr. Emma, she will create 4 weeks of workouts aimed at your goals as a part of a wellness package.


With frequent check-ins this service is ideal for a significant behavior change, training for a competition, or improving your overall health.

Injury Rehabilitation

Getting back to exercise after an injury is difficult. 

Dr. Emma has 9 years of experience working with athletes who are recovering from injury.

Establish care with Dr. Emma and after an initial consult to ensure that rehabilitation is safe for you, she will create an 8 week injury rehab program to get you back to your pre-injury self.

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