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Nutrition Services

Nutrition Templates

Know what dietary change you want to make, but need help getting started?

Choose from our pre-made diet templates tailored to specific dietary goals (i.e. gluten free, SIBO friendly, vegan, etc.).

These templates include a shopping list, meal plan, and recipes for 4 weeks.

Nutrition Analysis

Nutrition analysis is a perfect place to start on your nutrition journey. 

Dr. Emma will analyze one week's worth of food intake using dietary software and provides clients with their current nutrition status based on what they are eating. 

This knowledge can help guide your nutrition and health goals. 

Nutrition Consults

Need more guidance to make your health dreams a reality?

After completing a nutrition analysis, Dr. Emma will meet with clients one-on-one electronically to create an implementation plan as a part of a comprehensive wellness consult. 

These plans are tailored made to your goals and at your own speed. They also come with recipes, shopping list, and meal plans!