This workout is designed to tone your muscles while burning fat. It is great if you are looking to restart your fitness regimen or are new to exercise.


This template contains a warm-up, strength training workout, and aerobic workout for a total of 5 workouts per week. It should be completed for at least 4 weeks prior to moving on to Level 2. Alternate the strength and aerobic workouts to allow your muscles to rest.


  • Equipment Needed: Swiss ball, dumbbells, cable row machine.
  • Optional Equipment: bands, treadmill.


Weekly Schedule Example

  • Monday: Warm-Up, Strength Training Circuit, Cool-Down
  • Tuesday: Warm-Up, Walking Interval Workout, Cool-Down
  • Wednesday: Rest!
  • Thursday: Warm-Up, Strength Training Circuit, Cool-Down
  • Friday: Warm-Up, Walking Interval Workout, Cool-Down
  • Saturday: Warm-Up, Strength Training Circuit, Cool-Down
  • Sunday: Rest!

Restart Ur Movement Level 1

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