This workout is made for the office warrior! There are 3 workouts here that can all be done while at your desk or in your cubical. Literally no extra equipment is required. Improve your fitness, increase your productivity, and get rid of the afternoon slump with this workout trio.


The first workout is a 3-step stretching routine aimed at a 1-2 minute relief from computer work. This will improve posture and decrease back and neck pain. 


Your next workout is all about strengthening your arms through isometric exercise. What does that mean you might ask? It means that you can get strong during a meeting without anyone knowing.


Lastly, there is a full body workout that you can do from your desk and chair. It will workout your arms, lower body, and core without you having to leave your desk. 


I also recommend standing if possible for 10 minutes every hour and getting away from the screen, but I realize that somedays you can't fit that in. Either way, get strong at work now! No excuses. 

Workout From Work

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