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Supplement optimization

Struggling to find the supplement regimen that is right for you. Dr. Emma will gladly review your medication and supplement list, discuss possible interactions, and help identify safe and effective options that meet your health and wellness goals.


Health Education

Received a new medical diagnosis? Struggling to understand your treatment options? Want more information on what your laboratory results mean? Dr. Emma will provide health education on any of these topics and more to EmPower and Educate you to level up!

Wellness Consults

Interested in the newest diet trend, exercise routine, herbal supplement, or have another health question? Dr. Emma will meet with you  to answer all of your health and wellness questions. She is also happy to provide advice for previously diagnosed medical conditions.  

connect from anywhere

No need to travel for an expert opinion on your health question, because Wellness consultations with Dr. Emma are all online through a secure portal. Since they are all online, these consults are not to be used for medical treatment or diagnosis of conditions, but Dr. Emma will gladly discuss all other concerns.